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Blacktop Graffiti Magazine is all about hot rods, customs, street freaks, drag cars and soul.  Soul can’t be bought.  Soul is in the heart and mind and hands of anyone who deals with iron and glass, rubber and wire, fire and oil.  You can create soul, you can nurture soul, you can breathe soul.  Blacktop Graffiti is made with soul.  In each issue you can find soul in the people, cars and art of every page.   Welcome to my religion, Blacktop Graffiti Magazine.

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The technicians in our vehicle collision repair shop have more than just a few years of experience servicing different types of vehicles involved in road collisions and all types of resultant damages. More-so, they are experts for just about any type of auto body damage, exterior or interior, including painting and vehicle customization. We ensure that your preferences are met through a highly efficient, high quality service.

Highly Reputable body shop

What we like to tell you as our esteemed customer you should not just take our word for it. Look though the website for customer testimonials and also ask around for any car owner who has ever utilized our vehicle collision repair shop services. As much as you give us business buy letting us serve you, we are more driven by relationships, rather than just one time solution provision. You make it our biggest priority to ensure 100% satisfaction guarantee to each and every customer we serve, no matter how large or how small the collision damage looks, seems, or is. It has not been easy, but yes we have managed to gain good reputation along the years we’ve been in business. You can always rely on your Go-to vehicle collision repair shop.

Affordable and No Hidden Cost Collision Repair

For sure, the term affordable is really relative. The cost of getting your car back on the road depends on the extent of damage, your service preferences, and perhaps the type of vehicle and the parts needed. While other vehicle repair service providers will make it seem cost effective when providing you with a service estimate, but only to find out some hidden costs when the job is done; that is not the case for us. Ours is a fully open and customized service, letting you choose whether to replace any damaged parts with new ones, repair the existing ones, or have used parts that are in good condition installed.

Fully Certified and Bonded Auto Body Technicians

Whether you want a full collision repair, auto body repair, dents and scratch, brakes, tires, suspensions, oil change, alignment repairs and more, or you simply want some auto-painting repair job done for your vehicle, we are the company to call. Our technicians are fully certified, bonded and insured. Plus you get a fully warranted service. Do not feel stranded when you vehicle is involved in a roads collision; we shall take care of you from the point of towing to completion of the job.

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