Finding a Quality Body Shop

How to Find a Quality Body Shop

Cars are made to last for a long period of time, and manufactured and engineered to comply with regulatory safety requirements and meet the demands of the roads. However, road accidents can undermine the structural integrity and design of cars, causing head-scratching and sleepless nights among car owners. And the bulk of the problem focuses on the cost of repair- some auto body shops may charge $400 for a repair job, and another body shop may charge $1,500 for the same specs and job. So what explains the differences in cost, and is it really a rule to choose the lowest quote in the market? No car owner would want to experience this situation, but as a responsible car owner, it pays to be ready in case it happens. And one can choose the right and quality body shop if the following issues and concerns are covered.

Resources to locate a qualified collision repair shop near me are hard to find. We have tried Yelp, Thumbtack, the Better Business Bureau and AngiesList and realized that reviews can be faked and a ton of great reviews don’t always mean great services. We have found these auto body shop resources to be the very best in finding a great auto collision shop.

Word-of-mouth as the best form of advertisement

Thanks to cable TV, radio and the internet, anyone with a business can easily advertise, using the most effective marketing hooks possible. While hip and catchy advertisements are great to the ears, car body repair service selection should not be based on these. Car body repair is service and results-oriented, so you want to be convinced by verifiable results. And you can get these from personal testimonials from past customers of the body shop. Chicago Autohaus a collision repair shop voted as one of the top body shops chicago that we spoke with, told us their first year of business was all built on referral business and word of mouth. Try to ask around, and get suggestions from friends and Chicago business associates who have encountered the problem before.

Solicit multiple job quotes

Overcharges and hidden charges are common when car owners submit their cars for auto body repairs and check-ups. To avoid the same mistakes, make it a point to talk with a number of auto body repair shops in your area and get their estimates. Bring your car so they will have a clear understanding and appreciation of the problem. And speaking of job estimates, it isn’t recommended that you instantly choose the guy that will offer a rock-bottom job quotation.

Consider your brand

Sometimes, the brand of your car can influence the choice of your auto body shop. Some of the most premium makes and models in the market are engineered and manufactured with advanced materials and construction practices, thus you need to choose an auto body shop that has been approved by the manufacturer. These shops have been trained and equipped to repair and rebuild certain make and models, and bring the car to the same level of structural integrity and finish.

Learn to ask questions

Repair estimates are not the only things you need to know from your preferred auto body shop. For example, critical information that you can confirm is warranty. Does the body shop offer work warranty, and how long is the coverage? Stay away from auto body shops that throw in a lifetime warranty, or a coverage below 12 months. Warranty coverage from 1 to 3 years for a complete paint job is a decent offer. Also, check out if your car is covered and protected while under repair? Can the shop offer theft and fire insurance?

Your car is not just an investment; it’s also an extension of your lifestyle. So make sure you choose the right auto body shop that will not just repair the car, but will also extend the same level of care and attention.